• Jeremy Caughman, Manager - Tulsa, Oklahoma

    "Ladder Carrier has been a great product for our technicians in the field for safety and convenience. They are used every day for commercial jobs and residential, adds a layer of professionalism. I bought one for all of my technicians!"

  • Jeff Pittman, Safety area manager - Sacramento, California AT&T

    "Hey, work well on our combo ladders, our guys like them."

  • Tressa McCullough, Service Manager - Tulsa, Oklahoma Bob Hurley RVColumn

    "These things are really handy! Adds safety for ladder carrying and protects us from getting smashed fingers. We bought them for all our ladders and pack plenty to look on top of our RVs."

  • Series 1 - Fear your ladder no more!

    If I had a dollar for every time my ladder opened while carrying it. This product is amazing, simple and just what I needed. Can’t believe I didn’t think of something like this.

  • Series 2 - Awesome to Have!

    Why haven’t I seen this handy tool before? I have thrown buckets away when the plastic gripper cracks and breaks off. Carrying the bucket with heavy things in it hurts my hands too much. Now I can use it on 5-gallon buckets without a problem, and my husband can use it for his ladders as needed. It’s made of plastic but doesn’t feel cheaply made. Snaps on easily. Meets OSHA ladder safety standards. Made in Oklahoma, USA

  • Series 3 - Makes my job easier! Thank you.

    What can I say. I love this thing. I hate carrying my ladder. I’m a fire alarm technician and i always need a ladder but i can’t always drive up to the location or use a cart every time. This thing is a game changer. No more hand or arm fatigue. Snaps on and clips the A frame ladder shut until I’m ready to open the ladder. For the price I paid I’m buying a back up one. I’m really glad I saw this item on IG. The CEO responded to every question I had about it. This is a guy that stands behind his product. Just buy one I’m sure u won’t be disappointed.

  • Xl Pro - This simple product makes life easier

    The XL Carrier Pro is an excellent addition to your tool arsenal. Ladder work is always frustrating because you spend more time dealing with the ladder than the actual job itself. This useful handle clips to the ladder and makes it easier to carry to the site, then easily transfers to give you a stable place to put your tools without constant trips up and down. I suspect this carrier will see a lot of use, and I think the thick plastic construction should hold up to abuse for a long time.
    As for the sellers, there was a slight confusion in the order, but customer service responded to my email ON A WEEKEND within an hour and straightened everything out in minutes. I would gladly purchase from these folks again.

  • Ladder Roller - It WORKS!

    I have to admit I WAS a bit skeptical when I purchased this to TRY to install it on a 10' Werner step ladder. When I received it I thought "NO WAY" but i WAS WRONG and mainly due to the GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE I GOT FROM "JD" at the BoxTown Team. He was very helpful and stuck with me until I WAS SATISFIED with the product. He sent photos and videos on the different ways I could install it on my ladder. I was having a problem carrying this BIG ladder to the different areas around the outside of my home for various projects (I'm NOT the tallest tree in the forest). This is a small company that is BIG in AFTER THE SALE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. I will be doing more business with them going forward.

  • All-N-One Ladder Tool Holster - Very Sturdy

    This BoxTown ladder tool holster is very sturdy. I like this size because it’s easily attachable to a ladder or your belt. It holds up to 5 pounds so it is great for the drill gun, caulk gun or I can even throw a paint roller into it. It is also a great size if you are a woman because it isn’t overly bulky. You can even mount it to the wall to help clear and organize your tools storage areas. It is so sturdy that you won’t need to purchase another one any time soon. It is reasonably priced so give it a go!

  • All-In-One Ladder Bumper Covers - Very effective covers

    These bumper covers are pretty cleverly designed. The old ones I had always seemed to move or come loose whenever I moved the ladder when Inwas using them. You won’t have that problem with these Boxtown covers. They stay in place when using the ladder, especially when. you lock them in place. That’s done by putting the extended long section into the hole in your extension ladder. i tried to get them to slip off on purpose, but I couldn’t get them too. Another nice feature is that you can buy attachments that hook to this that will allow you to hold your tools. Very cool. Great covers and great invention.

  • All-N-One Tool Cup - Great tool to hold great tools...no more dropping!

    The All-N-One tool cup from Box Town Team is a nifty little item. To attach it to your ladder simply line the cup up so it’s vertical and drive in a couple screws. It comes with self tapping screws for fiberglass ladders but I ended up using a couple wood screws since I put it on a wooden ladder, but either would work fine. It took about 1 minute to install and works nicely to hold a wide variety of tools while up on a ladder. I’m always fumbling around trying to hold everything that I need for various jobs and this cup helps a lot. As you can see from the photos, I was able to hold quite a few tools with it. There is a magnet in the bottom which is super strong! It was able to hold my hammer, I couldn’t believe it. No more dropping tools or screws, etc when high up.

  • Cut-N-Edge - Great Tool!

    Awesome addition to the tool box. Helped with edging and easy clean up! Had to touch up additional areas I didn't tape up and made the job quick and easy.