Q:How durable is it? I'm pretty tough on my ladders.
A: Very durable! Its been tested throwing 6 foot ladder down with carrier attached 4 feet up to land on concrete. Scratches but no breaking. Its ASA plastic so UV or outside elements won't diminish the product.

Q: Whats ASA plastic?
A: "Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA), also called acrylic styrene acrylonitrile, is a thermoplastic developed as an alternative to acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), but with improved weather resistance, and is widely used in the automotive industry". ABA has the rubber compound that UV will break down.

Q:Can't I use just one?
A: Sure, on a 6 ft step ladder or 8ft. Using one on a 10ft + proves difficult cause of their length and finding mid section to place carrier. So we recommend 2 carriers 10+ step ladders and extensions.

Q: Is it easily lost?
A: That depends on you entirely. The carrier is made to install in 2 seconds, and from that point it won't come off ladder unless you physically remove it by pushing out a clip, otherwise no movement will make it fall from the ladder.

Q: What do you mean by FORCE FITTED on?
A: Because 10ft + step ladders/extensions have a thicker frame, you have to on the handle for the 2 sides of the carrier to conform around the side of the ladder, then press in both sides of the clips and pull back and it will be attached and tight fit, no sliding when lifting.

Q: How long is warranty?
A: 3 month factory warranty from time of purchase, provided with proof of purchase.